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Property Services

Note:- We do not operate as Real Estate brokers, nor do we handle rental properties. Our services are solely informational, We offer Free Consultation For buying a property.

Property Guidance

As property guidance where we take care of your real estate needs by offering expert advice on finding and purchasing a property that suits you.

We analyze village maps, zoning regulations, and technical aspects. Additionally, we extend our support in negotiating contracts and resolving disputes.

Our services include managing your property portfolio and providing tips for enhancing its value.


Sub-registration service is a main part of revenue work. Weather you are buying/selling / Gifting / Exchanging / Partition / Joint developing /GPA (general power of attorney) of a property.

All these services with different stamp duties are inculcated in our

sub-registration service.


Sub-registration Service

Sale Agreement

Sharing Agreement

Type Of Agreements

Sale Deed
Gift Deed
Partition Deed
Exchange Deed
Joint Developing Deed
GPA Deed

Types OF Deeds

Type Of Agreements

Sale Agreement

Sharing Agreement

Our specialized property management services are designed for Owners located remotely from their properties. From tenant relations and maintenance to rent collection and legal compliance, our comprehensive solutions ensure seamless management, regardless of your location. Invest with confidence, knowing that your property is in capable hands.


Property Management

Rent Collection

Our services transcend geographical boundaries, managing rent collection, financial oversight, and reporting, keeping you informed about your investment's performance worldwide.

Ensuring investment safety, we implement risk strategies, conduct tenant checks, and monitor neighboring construction to prevent setbacks, offering regular updates for a hassle-free property, regardless of distance.

Risk Management

conduct remote inspections, coordinate repairs, and ensure your property complies with health and safety standards, providing peace of mind, irrespective of your location.

Property Maintenance

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